Our four step, evidence-based and results-driven process will show you how to take action and reduce stress and anxiety



1. In-person assessment

Work with a PhD-level Psychologist to identify your current struggles and develop clear, actionable, and measurable goals


2. Treatment matching

Start individual therapy or join one of our CBT groups - all with PhD-level Psychologists


3. Personalized treatment plan

Practice exercises to think differently about stressful situations and face the things that make you anxious or stressed


4. Regular progress tracking

Use a personalized dashboard to make sure you're making meaningful progress


Your therapists are leaders in the field of anxiety, stress, and mood disorders.

Our PhD-level Clinical Psychologists are leading scientists who have trained and taught at the top programs in the country, such as Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell University. We distill the latest research and tailor it to your needs by using data and analytics.